business plan
See the Big Picture with HR Case Management Software | Legal Files Software

HR case management software can help with seeing the big picture In our last blog, we talked about how HR […]

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hr case managment
Everyday Case Management Software for HR | Legal Files Software

Every human resources department needs case management software for HR Dealing with lots of moving parts is par for the […]

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monitiring case
Finding Case Management Software for Investigators | Legal Files Software

Case management software for investigators is critical Investigations can involve both legal and non-legal professionals. Not everyone who is involved […]

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Energy law case
Exploring Legal Software for Energy Law | Legal Files Software

Legal software for energy law can help manage what matters to you Energy law is a unique and dynamic field […]

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Balance legal management
Finding Work-Life Balance with Legal Matter Management – Part 2 | Legal Files Software

Legal matter management can end the struggle for work-life balance You’ve likely been seeing more articles talk about finding the […]

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life with balance
Finding Work-Life Balance with Legal Matter Management – Part 1 | Legal Files Software

Many people struggle with work-life balance, but Legal Files legal matter management can help We’re all striving for it. That […]

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Cloud based management
What is Cloud Computing and Where is the Cloud? | Legal Files Software

What is cloud computing and is it right for you? Legal Files explains The world is changing, and cloud computing […]

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Cloud Computing for Legal Matter Management – Advantages and Considerations | Legal Files Software

Is cloud computing for legal matter management right for you? Legal Files explains Now that you know what cloud computing […]

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Legal case immigration
Legal Case Management for Immigration | Legal Files Software

Staying on track with legal case management for immigration Immigration is a broad, and timely, topic that affects many different […]

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Microsoft integration
Microsoft Outlook Integration with Legal Matter Management | Legal Files Software

Effective legal matter management requires two-way Microsoft Outlook integration Attorneys and paralegals rely on email to stay in the loop […]

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confference legal management
Legal Files Management for Universities at the NACUA Annual Conference | Legal Files Software

NACUA and Legal Files provide support for attorneys at universities and colleges It isn’t easy to be an attorney or […]

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legal protect confference
Explore Case Management at the 2019 ACFE Global Fraud Conference | Legal Files Software

The right education and tools can help you stay one step ahead of fraud Investigators and compliance professionals focus on […]

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remote access
Taking it to the Next Level with Remote Access | Legal Files Software

In today’s busy world, you need remote access to your applications and files The world has changed quickly in the […]

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managers legal files
How to Handle Records Retention and Management | Legal Files Software

With the right tools, your team can develop a plan for records retention Last month, we talked about FOIA requests […]

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business papers
How Legal Files Software Streamlines FOIA and Other Records Requests – Part 2 | Legal Files Software

The right tools can make it a breeze to respond to requests for information We started discussing FOIA requests, requests […]

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