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Management Software Implementation

Change is never easy, but Legal Files Software eases the transition

Two things are true about change. The first is that change is never easy, and the second is that change is certain in life and the practice of law. Over time, legal departments and law offices might find that they need to change the way that they manage their matters and cases. Whether an office wants to increase collaboration or become more organized, matter management software can be the perfect solution.

However, change can be stressful. The team at Legal Files Software strives to make the change to a new best matter management software as stress-free as possible. One way the team reduces stress during implementation is by explaining how an office can know when a matter management implementation is a success.

The importance of starting with the basics

Following the idea of “Basics are the Best Foundation”, implementing only the basic features of Legal Files Software initially can help ease the stress of transitioning to a new cloud based matter management software. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “I tell new clients that the basics provide a strong foundation. By focusing on the basics, it is much easier to implement and learn a new matter management software.”

Although our team designed Legal Files Software to be extremely user-friendly, it is easier for new clients to learn the basic features of the matter management software before they delve into the more complex features such as reporting and administrative functions. “Clients can take advantage of these advanced features, but our team members always recommend building a strong foundation first. When a client is ready to move on to something more complex, they can give our team a call or shoot us an email to get started with the next steps,” Matt said.

How to know if the implementation is a success

After a client understands the importance of starting with the basics of Legal Files Software, the next question is always, “How will we know if it works?” According to Matt, “I answer this question with another question. ‘Are clients able to do their everyday work in Legal Files Software?’ We want our clients to still be able to send and save emails, scan documents, maintain contacts, and run reports using programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Legal Files serves as the hub, centralizing all that activity. Our team isn’t here to change the practice of law. Our clients are the experts in that area. We’re just here to help them become more efficient and organized.”

Once Legal Files Software is up and running, clients see the benefits of the matter management software immediately – and it only gets better with time. “Some clients see a huge payoff from the very start, while others see the benefits of legal case management programs build more slowly. However, every client ultimately finds that our matter management software helps them to become more collaborative and effective,” Matt said.

Change can be hard, but Legal Files Software works hard to make changing to a new matter management software as easy as possible.