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Data Mining Management

Making the most of your data

 Legal departments work with mountains of documents and data every day. All of this information contains vital insights about a legal department and how it functions. However, it can be difficult to extract this data without the right tools. Matter management from Legal Files Software offers the versatility and organization to help compile and review massive quantities of information to make the most of data.

Data mining as a competitive advantage

In the past, the largest legal departments had the logistical advantage. These departments had enough lawyers to analyze large amounts of data quickly to win cases and complete assignments. However, using legal matter management software for data mining is changing this dynamic. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “With data mining and matter management from Legal Files Software, just one attorney with a single computer can analyze huge amounts of documents and data. Document indexing and analysis that once required 10 attorneys, now takes just one. Using legal matter management systems to perform data mining saves legal professionals time and money while giving even small law firms and legal departments a competitive edge.” Technology and legal matter management software have given attorneys and their staff a gift. They have decreased the amount of time that it takes to complete tasks, allowing legal professionals to spend their efforts and resources on more critical tasks.

Doing more with less

As the legal profession becomes increasingly competitive, legal departments need to find ways to do more with less. Legal Files Software is just the tool to help attorneys and staff accomplish this important goal. “Legal Files Software allows legal professionals to spot trends in their department’s data and see the big picture,” Matt said. The unique needs of each legal department will dictate what attorneys and legal staff need to analyze and review. Legal departments can identify where they spend their time and resources. They can also review a breakdown of the complexity and types of cases that their legal department handles. “Your legal department might need to know this information for reporting to another agency or the public, or you simply might need to know it for your own purposes,” Matt said.

One example of effective data mining using matter management from Legal Files Software is FOIA request tracking. Using Legal Files Software, a legal department can determine if it is meeting time requirements. If the department is falling behind, information from matter management software can help attorneys and legal staff see where they need to improve. Using Legal Files Software for data mining can also serve other purposes. Legal Files Legal Department Software can identify trends in complaints and manage them from a risk management standpoint. It can also track how long something has been at a certain stage to determine the focus of the legal department’s attention and resources According to Matt, “If you want a big picture tool and a legal case management tool, Legal Files Software can handle it. You can organize and track your information and files, while also gaining insights about data that allow you to be productive and suggest improvements for your legal department.”