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Matter management software for HR

Matter Management Software for HR

HR needs in legal departments

The goal of human resources (HR) is to manage employees effectively, maximizing employee satisfaction and job performance to benefit both individual employees and the organization as a whole. To be effective in this goal, every organization, including legal departments and government agencies, need to track information related to HR.  The team at Legal Files Software has noticed that many of our  customers  can benefit from both legal matter management, case management for HR and a matter management software for HR. Luckily, Legal Files Software is moldable and flexible enough to meet both needs.

Expanding the use of Legal Files Software

Both HR issues, such as employee complaints and leave, and legal issues are similar because they require accurate tracking. In fact, HR issues can sometimes become legal issues in the future, making precise tracking even more important.

Many legal departments use their payroll systems to track these HR issues. While great at managing payroll, this type of system is unable to handle the nuances of HR employee grievances, investigations and litigation. Organizations need a matter management software for HR that can track unique incidents with each employee, starting with the complaint and ending with the resolution. Legal Files Software offers the flexibility to handle this type of tracking.

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “many of our customers start out using our software strictly for legal matter management. Then, at some point, a light bulb goes off and they discover that the solution is a great matter management software for HR. In fact, we have a customer right now that’s expanding its use of our software  to HR. The General Counsel and Investigations Unit were originally using Legal Files for investigations, but now the entire organization is also going to use it for HR management, including EEOC, ADA and open records requests.”

Legal Files can not only track employee issues from start to finish, but it can also store any HR-related documentation, cross reference issues and track documents and data to discover trends. “I just had a consultation call with one of our new customers, an HR department for a state agency. The HR department expressed that it wanted to use Legal Files to help spot trends so that it can be proactive from an employee training and risk management perspective,” Matt said.

Overcoming the struggles of HR

According to Matt, “managing each file is sometimes where HR departments struggle. HR needs to track everyday small issues as well as big issues that need to go to the general counsel or the attorney general, for some government agencies. Our software offers an area of great expansion because it can do it all.”

As a matter management software for HR, Legal Files Software can track relevant HR information on a regular basis. This use is a natural area of expansion for Legal Files, especially in government agencies and universities that handle issues such as institutional equity. Not all HR issues are legal, but they all need to be tracked. “Human memory and payroll systems are not the best places to track HR employee issues and spot trends,” Matt said.

Every legal organization has unique needs, but Legal Files Software is moldable enough to fit them. According to Matt, “HR is a natural area for customers to use all of the different features of our software, including reporting, deadlines and tracking. Legal Files gives organizations a way to look at all issues together.”