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“Wait-Loss” Program

Matter Management as a “Wait-Loss” Program. Effective time management is critical in the legal profession 

Attorneys, paralegals and staff in legal departments have no problem staying busy with so many different requests for legal services. However, keeping legal departments organized and efficient can sometimes be a challenge. One of the biggest problems for many legal departments is wait time. Waiting for the information necessary to reply to a request for legal services can be a frustrating waste of time for attorneys and other legal staff. Legal Files Software solves the problem of waiting. Its best matter management software is a “wait-loss” program. There’s no more waiting to get important information. Instead, legal departments can instantly retrieve the information they need to effectively do their work.

No more wasting time, thanks to Legal Files Software

Traditionally, legal departments have spent a significant amount of time looking for information and playing “phone tag” with relevant parties. For example, after receiving a request for legal services, the attorney or paralegal has to locate relevant information before they can even respond to it. Once the information has been found, they then have to get in touch with the person who sent the request, which can sometimes be easier said than done. This same time-consuming situation appears time and again. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “Legal Software is a ‘wait-loss’ program, because it can cut down on the time you spend looking for information, communicating with others about this information, and responding to requests. The matter management software is designed to promote communication, collaboration and organization.”

Because Legal Files Software keeps all of the information you need right at your fingertips, there’s no longer a need to track down documents after you receive a phone call or an email. You can simply search Legal Files Software to get all of the information you need within seconds. There’s no more wasted time, and no risk that you’ll forget to respond to the request. “Legal Files Software simplifies the process and saves time by removing unnecessary steps,” says Matt. Legal Files Software has an added bonus as a “wait-loss” program. According to Matt, “You no longer have to struggle to find the latest version of a document. Legal Files Software can help you find it instantly.”

Clients love how much time Legal Files Software saves

“We routinely hear from clients about how happy they are after they implement Legal Files Software,” says Matt. In one case, the managing attorneys couldn’t believe how well the software worked for the department’s needs. According to Matt, “After using Legal Files Software for only a few days, the managing attorney could find what he needed and was able to provide the fastest updates ever. What took him hours or days, now only takes him minutes or seconds. He found it so empowering, because he didn’t have to wait years to see results. Almost instantly, everyone in the department became more efficient, which benefitted both the organization and its clients.”