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Legal Files Matter Management Empowers the Legal Team      


Not all software products are created equal

Have you ever purchased a new software product for your business that claimed to be “user friendly,” but somehow took a background in IT to understand? This situation has happened to many customers before they made the switch to Legal Files Software.

Before purchasing our best matter management software, many of our customers had systems that needed to be managed and maintained by their internal IT team. This situation left them frustrated and completely dependent on their in-house tech professionals. Many of these attorneys and their staff struggled to make even minor changes to their systems, because they were just so difficult to understand and use. These customers eventually switched to Legal Files Software, once they realized that there was a better option for legal matter management.

Legal Files Software is designed for legal professionals, without a tech background

Legal Files Software empowers legal professionals to use our system without tech support. In fact, “Legal Files legal department software is a program that is highly-customizable for the non-technical person. The entire interface was designed for non-tech users,” said Matt Ryan, Legal Files Senior Consultant.

It doesn’t take long for both the legal and IT teams to realize that Legal Files Software is different. According to Matt, “I was recently at a government client and I was explaining to the legal team and the IT team how to use Legal Software. As I talked about what the system could do, someone from the IT team asked, ‘Isn’t this something the legal team can handle?’ It was obvious to them Legal Files Software is that user friendly.”

With Legal Files Software, IT can be involved. However, after the legal matter management system is setup, the IT team can just leave the day-to-day up to the legal team. For example, if an attorney needs to update a field due to changes in the law or their practice, they can do so in seconds.

Legal Files Software gives the legal team independence and the IT team freedom

Both IT and legal professionals are busy, and they don’t have time to deal with complicated legal matter management software. According to Matt, “IT is looking for a solution they don’t have to manage, while the legal team is looking for something that they can manage on their own.”

Since the legal team can manage Legal Files Software, they can be more efficient and independent in their daily work. At the same time, IT employees can focus on more complex tech issues. “Since Legal Files Software is low in maintenance and deployment needs, IT can focus their time and energy on maintaining the enterprise for the organization,” said Matt. Many organizations are surprised when they realize that Legal Files Software offers such real and tangible benefits to employees in the IT and legal departments, but they shouldn’t be. Legal Files Software has always been – and always will be – committed to empowering legal professionals with user friendly technology.