Legal Case Matter Management Simplified

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its work-from-home requirements, hasn’t just changed the landscape of the legal workplace in the short term, but for the foreseeable future and probably permanently. While corporate legal departments and government agencies return to “normal” operations, a majority of legal professionals are expected to continue the “from home” setting. Further, various pandemic-induced economic pressures that have caused organizations to cut costs, including reducing the number of full-time employees and turning to contract workers, will continue for years. However, what is being done today is not enough. Though many organizations could cobble together systems to enable employees to complete critical functions at home, this approach, with its disparate systems and lack of centralized collaboration, is inefficient for long-term operations. Helping these organizations with a hybrid future focusing on monitoring costs, workflows, and outcomes is Legal Files Software. “Our current focus is to help organizations responsibly manage these changes, by providing the technology and services that can alleviate some of the difficulties that come with such a substantive transformation,” says John Kanoski, CEO at Legal Files Software.

Legal Files offers a legal case management software with robust features and easy-to-use custom configuration tools to handle any type or number of cases, matters, and users, helping tackle to-do lists of legal, administrative, and management functions. It enables team members to access the most current information and share all relevant information more easily, making remote collaboration easier. As a relational database, it reserves space for everything related to a case or matter—documents, emails, notes, alerts, and reminders—which are not only stored in one place, but that information is available at your fingertips in any functional area. To increase overall efficiency, numerous productivity tools, including workflow triggers, deadline notifications, and Microsoft Office integration, are also available. For legal department teams consisting of more contract and remote workers, Legal Files brings them together, providing a true team concept to legal matter management, sharing and integrating the varied responsibilities and work products of all team members. Through Legal FilesManagement Dashboard, managers get a “big picture” view into operations, identify operational bottlenecks, review project status and key communications, and track and monitor costs more easily.

Along with its scalability feature, the true off-the-shelf web application is easily customizable, allowing customers to determine the look and language required for a particular department or location. For investigation case management software development, Legal Files includes the ability to define and assign an unlimited number of customer-definable file statuses from the initial entry of a new case to the final disposition.

Legal Files stands out from its competitors by bringing the flexibility required to manage what matters to each organization. Its greatest strength is its ability to combine the custom configuration capabilities of an expensive custom-built solution with the reasonable cost of a commercial, off-the-shelf product. Even non-technical users can handle the configurations such that Legal Files meets not only current legal management requirements but future ones as well.

Highlighting Legal Files’ efficiency, Kanoski cites an instance wherein the company helped the Seminole Tribe of Florida, one of the most successful Native American tribes in the U.S. Its legal department handles a wide spectrum of matters, including governmental issues, gaming law issues, and document requests. The department’s filing system was manual based, and as the caseload started to increase, its subject-matter based filing system proved inefficient. Impressed by Legal Files’ direct and to-the-point demo, the Tribe implemented its practice and case management software for its legal department. The comprehensive system provides instant access to files and automatically tracks file status. It is also compatible with existing systems enabling them with a smooth transition. The robust application thus saved attorney and staff time and improved response time to clients, providing ROI within months.

Moving ahead, Legal Files plans to continue to expand the feature of its Legal Files software based on direct feedback from customers and strengthen its functionalities and applications as a true aid for legal organizations.