Legal Files Software Announces Compatibility with Google Chrome in Legal Files 10.0

Legal Files case and legal matter management software is now compatible with Chrome, Google’s Internet browser, as well as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, on both computers and tablets. Legal Files Corporate Legal Software, Inc. announced the availability of cross-browser support with the release of Legal Files 10.0, the software developer’s newest major release of its popular enterprise legal managementt system.

“Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had long been the most used browser on the internet,” Legal Files CEO John Kanoski said. “But as Chrome’s popularity increased with our customers, it became obvious that support for Chrome should be part of our next major release.”

Legal Files 10.0 also includes:

  • Enhanced custom window searching. An addition to the left navigation bar, Custom Windows Actions allows you to search on up to six custom widow fields across multiple files, and operates much like Legal Files’ Advanced File Search functionality. The search results offer direct links to custom windows, file home pages or file setup windows.
  • New navigation options. An unobtrusive toolbar, also in the left navigation bar, under the Manage section, now controls navigations view. Clicking on these new icons allows you to smoothly transition between Actions, Custom Window Actions, Shortcuts, Reports, Utilities and Wizards. The original “pancaked” navigation is also still available.
  • Enhanced reports. All query reports can now return more than 5,000 records; the File Query Report now offers the ability to filter files by “Was in Status,” and a new index on the Expense Query Report sorts results by file name, along with the total of all expenses and budget information for those files.
  • Exclude weekends checkbox. The date calculator function, available on all date fields, now includes an exclude weekends checkbox, allowing calculations to be made using only weekdays.

Additional enhancements were made as a direct result of client feedback, including:

  • The File Delete Wizard, now available through the web interface, allows you to select which files to delete based upon the same filters available in the My Files advanced search. Multiple files may be deleted in a single user action. (Access to this feature is controlled by security.)
  • To-Do’s can now be created directly from Custom Window and Action detail windows using the new “Create To-Do” icon.
  • With the new stopwatch icon found on the Manage My Day screen, you can track your time for activity across multiple files, or for activity conducted outside of Legal Files.
  • A toolbar of icons has been added to the graphic calendar on Manage My Day, linking directly to different calendar views.
  • Heads Up Display entries now display an Open File Number, along with the File Name, in the Reference column.

In response to two other, common customer requests, the Drop Zone Default Date can now be set to either “Document Date” or “Current Date” in each User’s preferences, and the Document Classification and Type can now be required fields in all integrations.

Current Legal Files customers using the web/browser version will receive Legal Files 10.0 as a free update as part of their maintenance and support agreements. Contact for details. Prospective customers who wish to view an online demo of the new release, should contact Legal Files Software, Inc., at (800) 500-0537 or to schedule an appointment.