Recovery Law Center Selects Legal Files

Springfield, Ill., Dec. 16, 2015—The Recovery Law Center of Honolulu has selected Legal Files, the leading case and matter management solution from Legal Files Software, Inc., as its first electronic legal matter management system.

“As a specialty law firm that focuses on helping people who are injured in accidents, Recovery Law Center strives to provide the best possible legal help to our clients, and implementing Legal Files will provide the tools we need to continue to do that,” attorney Glenn T. Honda said.  “Legal Files will allow us to increase workloads without increasing staff or hours,” he said “and improve productivity and teamwork.”

Honda continued, “We are able to get all the features we needed with Legal Files, and eliminated the cost of purchasing all the separate programs we would have needed to get the same benefits.”  In addition to providing case and legal matter management, Legal Files offers a built-in legal document management systems, email management tools, task and deadline management, office-wide contact management, cost/expense tracking and budgeting, workflow management, as well as hundreds of other functions.

In addition to law legal software licenses, Legal Files Software, Inc. is also providing, through its in-house, full-time team, all the services related to the system implementation at the Recovery Law Center including project management, system configuration and onsite training.