Yavapai County Licenses Legal Files Software for County Attorney’s Civil Division

Looking to transition to a more technology centric workflow, the Yavapai County Attorney’s Civil Division recently implemented the Legal Files Case and Matter Management System, the software’s developer announced today.

Legal Files Software, Inc. and the Arizona County entered into an agreement that called for Legal Files to provide software licenses for its namesake software, maintenance/support, as well as training and implementation services to the Division.

“The County’s investment in this technology addresses Civil Division’s previously identified business needs,” Chief Civil Deputy Thomas M. Stoxen said. “Specifically, Legal Files provides the Civil Division with the right tools needed to provide legal representation to county departments and the Board of Supervisors,” he said.

In addition to using Legal Files to help manage civil and advice cases, the Division is using the system’s built-in document generation components to streamline the production of pleadings, forms and letters.

In their search for a legal practice management system, officials sought out recommendations from other Arizona counties and public sector agencies. After learning that Pinal County, the Arizona Attorney General and Northern Arizona University use Legal Files, and speaking with other Legal Files customers in Arizona, as well as receiving a personal referral from the City of Tucson about Legal Files, the Civil Division began to consider Legal Files as a candidate for its enterprise case management software project.

“The team members at Legal Files have been extremely generous with their time working with team members from the Civil Division over the past months,” Stoxen said, “and I’m confident this joint effort will help ensure the project’s long-term success.”