Perfecting the Art of Legal Case and Matter Management

As a provider of government legal software and contract management software, Legal Files Software, Inc. offers the configuration capabilities of an expensive custom-built solution with the reasonable cost of a commercial, off-the-shelf product. Formally incorporated in 1990 in Illinois, the company has grown to become an international developer and provider of case and enterprise legal management software and law department matter management, litigation support, document assembly and integrated collaboration, communication, and workflow tools. “Legal Files is versatile enough for complicated governmental legal matter management, yet remains uncomplicated enough to help clients handle daily administrative tasks easily,” remarks, John Kanoski, CEO.

Legal Files offers its namesake software, Legal Files, which provides efficient and secure access for remote users while functioning on multiple platforms. Designed as a licensed web application, Legal Files can be hosted within the agency’s own environment or by a third-party hosting vendor of the agency’s choosing. Users with proper security and training are able to administer, control, and customize critical aspects of the application, including security, file menus, custom windows, templates, and client-defined look-up tables, as well as creating groups and deleting files.

In order to meet the diverse requirements of all government stakeholders, Legal Files fits into a multitude of technical environments and, with its extensive customization capabilities, can manage any type of matter or case. To address extensive time requirements for complex project management tasks, Legal Files was designed for quick implementation. In order to meet both the current and future requirements of businesses, the platform empowers users with non-technical tools in the software’s own interface to maintain and make changes as they are needed. Kanoski explains, “Offices will not have to rely on internal IT staff or hire outside vendors to customize the program, resulting in self-sufficiency and a lower, overall cost during the lifetime of the system.”

One of Legal Files’ recent success stories involved the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. The agency needed an upgraded system that would allow for centralized management and tracking of documents, email messages, time entries, notes, and other legal matter related items. With the implementation of the Legal Files system, the agency is now able to quickly generate monthly reports for each of its divisions, and still fulfill the requirements of each.

Legal Files is a commercial, off-the-shelf product, offering deep customization capabilities through its powerful custom windows and workflow tools. These robust capabilities and previous experience with other, more complicated software implementations can sometimes make implementing or switching to Legal Files seem overwhelming. This is why the Legal Files team works in partnership with agencies to provide expert service and assistance, beginning with installation through end-user training. This makes the process go smoother and faster than most agencies expect, and is what drives the success of Legal Files at all levels in the government technology market.

The company has seen rapid growth, in terms of an increased user base as well as the number of solutions it offers. Kanoski states, “We will continue to invest heavily in research and development to assure that we maintain that technological advantage. Additionally, given economic uncertainties, and as all types of agencies continue to seek to do more with less, we feel confident that the case and legal department software segment will continue to grow.” With the continued development of their offerings and their high level of customer service, Legal Software Company, Inc. expects continued long-term growth.